It’s never been easier to make money and refresh your closet!

1. Take a Picture & Post

A great feature shot is essential to successful selling.
-We suggest daylight, simple backgrounds and precise focusing.
-Photograph details such as the back & sides, authentication tags, labels and close-up shots of signs of wear. This will help buyers to get a better overall picture of the item.  LEARN MORE

-For more information on Authentication. 



2. Describe Your Item

Keep the description accurate and honest, be sure to include the original price!
-Describe deviations such as smaller or larger than regular size. 
-Shipping weight and measurements should be accurate.
Eg.: Include the overall weight of the purse, duster bag and authentication papers.
Eg.: Measurements should be as it would ship. Measure it as is, folded if that is how it would ship, or, measure the original packaging you will be using (shoe box, sunglass case, or jewelry box)

3. Set a price point & link your PayPal account

Retail Price Eivey Fee
$40 - $129 20%
$130 - $399 15%
$400 and up 10%

Eivey suggests listing for 60%-70% off the original purchase price.

Included in the fees are:
– Paypal transaction fee for PayPal dispute claim coverage
– Eivey mailing kit
– Pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label

Linking to your PayPal account is easy, simply enter your PayPal name and PayPal e-mail. This ensures you get paid as soon as your item is purchased.


Once your item is sold


4. Eivey Mailing Kit

An Eivey mailing kit will be immediately sent to the you, the seller. This kit includes packaging and a pre-paid & pre addressed shipping label.

5. Pack your item

Use the materials provided in your Eivey Mailing Kit to pack the item you have sold.
-Include ‘thank-you card’ for the buyer and ensure the shipping label is visible.
-Eivey provides the prepaid shipping label from weight provided by the seller, plus the mailing kit weight, only items with the posted measurement should be included (no additional weight).

6. Package Drop off at your nearest Canada Post Office

We recommend shipping within 0-2 days of receiving the mailing kit, for the best reviews. Drop off the package to your nearest post office, where no payment will be required.  Please do not use the red mail boxes, items must be checked in at the post office.