Private Closet Detox Party





If you live in the Toronto, GTA area
and are looking for a fun way to spend
an evening with your girlfriends,
why not host a private closet detox party with Eivey!

Learn about Eivey, effective selling and post your items,
learn tips & tricks while enjoying some time with your besties.

$50 to book this event.

Snacks will be provided.

Book at least 2 weeks in advance for a detox party between
Monday – Friday, 7 pm – 9 pm, Saturday or Sunday 1:30-3:30PM
A minimum of 4 guests are required, maximum 8 guests.

Availability is limited!

Please email [email protected] with the subject line “Eivey Detox” for more information.

P.S.: We hope to start hosting events in other Canadian Cities as we grow. Stay tuned!