Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting Started

1.1 What is Eivey?
Eivey is a fashion marketplace where users can shop and sell beautiful pre loved items.

1.2. Why should I become a user?
When you are not logged-in you can still browse the site. But to buy, sell, or interact with the Eivey community you will need to sign-up and become a user.

1.3. How do I become a user?
Click on the top right hand corner “sign-up”, (for mobile tap the hamburger menu/three lines and scroll down to “sign up”) you can sign in through Facebook or create an account with email, username and password.

To be a registered user of this site, you must agree to accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If you are under the age of 16, you may only use this site in conjunction with and under the supervision of your parents or guardians.

Don’t forget to add a profile photo!

1.4. How do I manage my notifications?
Within your user profile, go to settings and click on notifications. You can manage your notifications from there.

1.5 How can I follow a closet?
Find an item from the seller, and click into the item and then onto the users profile. From there you can see the other items they have for sale, and have sold. Additionally you can “follow” their closet.  You will get notifications when they post new items.

1.6 I don’t feel comfortable buying online
It is important to us and our sellers to build trust with you. Message the seller with questions either in the public comments or in private messaging. Feel free to ask them to post more photos as well.

Learn more on how to shop with confidence on Eivey, and always feel free to email us, [email protected]

1.7 The buyer or seller is being very aggressive. What should I do?
Both buyers and sellers by using this site agree not to use abusive language or behave in an abusive manner to any Eivey employee or customer. Eivey reserves the right to block and/or ban users which are deemed abusive. If you are having such problems please contact [email protected] immediately.

2. Seller

2.1. What type of products sell best?
Handbags, shoes, dresses and jackets are our top selling items. Please ensure items are in good condition to sell, clean, dry cleaned and well presented. If there is any damage to the item be honest, take photos as some buyers are ok with minor imperfections if the item is at a great price.

Items don’t sell if they are over-priced. do some research and see what the item is selling online for.  Items should be posted for 50-70% off original purchase price.

2.2. I can’t get a good shot of my item! Help.
You are off to a good start as you are taking the photos yourself. We know you can get a good shot, here is a tip sheet: Photography Tips and have a look at some examples here: photography examples

2.3. What is the Eivey Fee?
The Eivey Fee is included in the fixed retail price set by the seller.

Retail Price Eivey Fee
$40 - $129 20%
$130 - $399 15%
$400 and up 10%

This fee includes: the PayPal & Credit Card transaction fee, pre-paid & pre addressed shipping label and a free standard mailing bubble mailer, tissue paper and sticker.
This fee is included in the purchase price and will automatically come out of the sale.

Example: Fixed retail is set to $100, Profit to seller – $80
Once item is sold, payment is received and the 20% Eivey fee is applied.

2.4. What price point should I set my item at?
50% of the value of what you paid for it, if it is not worn you can sell it for higher. Generally 30-40% off original retail for clothing. You can always edit the retail if your item has not had any inquiries after a week online.

2.5. How long do I have to ship?
Please ship as soon as you receive the mailing kit. The faster you ship the better your review on Eivey will be.

2.6. What are the shipping restrictions?
Please only use the mailing kit delivered to you, and do not include any other packing materials other than the ones supplied.  

The dimensions and weight of the product are required to be accurate, if they are incorrect, this could result in an undelivered package. It will be at the sellers cost to reship the package with the corrected dimensions or weight.

Example: When posting the item include the overall weight; the purse, the duster bag and the authentication papers and anything else you will be shipping with the item. For shoes, sunglasses and other accessories include the box/case to the measurements.

2.7. How to edit or delete my items? (changing pictures, reducing price, delisting, etc…)
To edit your item, you can go to your profile and click “manage listings”. Find the item, click on it, and click on the “edit item” button located on the right hand side.  

2.8. My item has sold, now what?

Congrats! Ensure your item is in prime condition to be shipped (dry-cleaned), your mailing kit will arrive within 24-48 hours of the purchase, simply pack the item and drop it off at the post office.  It is that easy!

2.9. What is my responsibility as a seller?
Once there is a purchase of a product from a buyer, seller is responsible for fulfilling the order with the exact product(s) that the seller listed. Best practices are to be honest and transparent with any signs of wear and/or damage that the product has.

If the seller no longer has the product(s) or the seller becomes aware that the product(s) has become damaged since the product’s posting, the seller must immediately inform Eivey at [email protected] and the buyer will be refunded the full amount.

2.10. I’m a seller, I didn’t receive my packaging to ship with.
Please email us at [email protected] with the item title and “no mailing kit” in the subject line and we will reship to you.

2.11. I’m a seller, I didn’t receive payment.
Please email us at [email protected] with the item title and “no payment” in the subject line and we will look into the issue.

2.12. How quickly will I get paid when my item sells?
Payment will be sent to your linked PayPal account and you should be able to see the transaction as soon as it done.



3.1. How can I tell if the item is authentic?
We offer the seller the opportunity to receive an authenticity certificate for items over $1000 which no longer have the original papers, sellers can then share this certificate. Please see our “buy what you love” page for more details.

Ask to view more photos of the original packaging, authenticity cards and starting a conversation with the seller in general. Eivey reviews each posting, here are some things we look out for: http://stylecaster.com/fake-designer-bags/

Please feel free to e-mail us for any questions you may have at [email protected]

3.2. How do I report an item posted on Eivey that I believe to be inauthentic?
We take any reports of inauthentic items listed for sale on our site very seriously, any feedback on live products will be investigated. Please email us at [email protected] with details.

3.3. What is your return and refund policy?
If there is a problem with your item please contact PayPal within 20 days from purchase date to claim a dispute resolution. If your claim is approved PayPal will issue a refund into your PayPal account, additionally Eivey will refund your Eivey Fee.

All disputes go through PayPal, when PayPal approves a dispute and issues a refund Eivey also refunds any fees associated with the transaction. Eivey will help Buyers with PayPal disputes as necessary for a quick and easy resolution.
Disputes must be claimed with PayPal 20 days from purchase date.

3.4. What is shipping time and do you ship internationally?
The average delivery time should be between 5-10 business days. The shipping is managed by users and not Eivey, therefore we cannot guarantee the estimated shipping date.  We advise messaging the seller for any shipping updates.

The Eivey marketplace is only within Canada, and only ships within Canada.

3.5. What is involved in placing an order?
In order to purchase an item, the buyer is requested to enter in their shipping address and log into their PayPal account.

We suggest messaging the seller before making a purchase, to ensure the item and seller is available to ship.

3.6. Can I cancel my purchase?
All orders are final and once placed, cannot be cancelled or retracted.

3.7. How do I track my order?
You will receive a Canada Post tracking number, use this to view when item has been shipped from the seller, once shipped the item may take approximately 7-10 business days to arrive after purchase.

3.8. I’m a buyer, my package is late
If you have not received your tracking number (to track please click here), please send us an e-mail at [email protected], we will look up your account and give you an estimated time of delivery if you haven’t received your tracking number yet.

3.9. I didn’t receive what I purchased!
Buyers can contact Paypal with any seller product purchase disputes. If an item wasn’t received, or wasn’t what was advertised. Eivey has chosen to partner with PayPal as they have an incredible dispute resolution offering to all buyers and sellers.

For more information please visit PayPal here: https://www.paypal.com/ca/webapps/mpp/security/report-a-problem
Disputes must be claimed with PayPal 20 days from purchase date.

3.10. How do I rate & review the seller?
Log-in and click on your message folder. Enter the transaction conversation with the seller where you will be able to rate and review the seller.