LOVE what you BUY

1. EIVEY offers free authentication on items $1000 or more.
When an item is posted for $1000 or more and doesn’t have authentication papers, Eivey sends an authentication voucher to the seller so they can obtain a certificate from Authenticate First, our chosen authentication company. This process usually takes a week. (a series of good quality photos are required for this, please see site for directions)

Once the authenticity process is completed, sellers can post a photo of the certificate for buyers to review.

2. Shop Fearlessly
Eivey partnered with PayPal to provide all Eivey buyers with the PayPal Purchase Protection Program.

“If an eligible item that you’ve purchased doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the seller’s description, we’ll look into it. If it’s discovered that something is wrong and you’ve met our eligibility requirements, our Purchase Protection program will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item plus original shipping costs.” ~PAYPAL

Eivey will help sellers as necessary with the PayPal dispute process, should a dispute arise.

Don’t want to open a dispute? Maybe the issue ISN’T DISPUTE WORTHY – (If the item is just a little too big, or small for example) that’s ok. Repost it on Eivey for free! Email [email protected] once you know you would like to resell it (within 30 days of purchase) and Eivey will refund you the Eivey fee when it sells.

3. Rate and Review
Before purchasing an item we suggest reading through the sellers reviews. If they are a first time seller, please feel free to email [email protected] to see if Eivey can provide some insight.

Eivey reviews every post, although we do not proclaim to be authenticators we review each item’s photos to ensure the posting feels legitimate. If you have any questions or concerns with a posting please email us, your feedback is important to us [email protected]