We are Maryna and Laura, founders of Eivey with a passion for the perfect closet. We truly believe in the transformative power of decluttering and elevating the selling experience.

With our savings, fashion marketing experience, yin & yang personalities and help from friends & family we worked away and finally launched in early 2017. All the creative content is us, our friends, family and new fashion friends we are meeting and loving along our journey.

The three things we want to share

    • We founded Eivey to recreate the ‘brand new purchase excitement’ with preloved luxuries.
    • We ship mailing kits between buyer and seller in Canada, so no meet ups. Pretty cool eh?
    • We are not consignment, meaning we don’t buy your items. We encourage you to follow your favourite closets, negotiate pricing, and give feedback. We are big on community!

Follow your dream…closet

What else?

We facilitate closet detox parties with your friends.

And love doing social collabs, contact us!

But are you overwhelmed? We can help.

If you still have doubts feel free to contact us

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