Effective Selling Tips: for the quick sale

Effective Selling Tips

Not sure how to sell your item? We’ve seen it all and listed effective selling tips on how to price and share so that you can make some $$$!

1) What sells quickly?

Items that buyers are already in the market for. 

If you haven’t seen it in the stores, in your social feeds or on the street, it may be a longer sell, but still possible, just with a little patience.

Items that sell quickly don’t have to be trendy items, they can be classics, fantastic quality classics; for example Bally flats, Burberry rain coats and Prada clutches.

2) Setting a price.

Forget what you originally paid, what is the preloved market value now? Don’t let the original purchase price overly inflate what its resale value really is.

We find items usually sell for 70% off the original retail
Below are relevant pieces, if items aren’t classics or on trend we recommend discounting further.

Example: $450 original retail = $125 resale value

Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy
Original Retail Price $200
SOLD for $60

Burberry Nova Check Pochette

Burberry Nova Check
Original Retail Price $400
SOLD for $130

Mackage Cody F5 Arrow

Mackage Cody F5 
Original Retail Price $500
SOLD for $145

Pieces sell for 50% off original retail when the item is a current style & strong brand.

Mackage Leather JacketMackage Rumer Jacket 
Original Retail Price $750
SOLD for $400

Nike Running Shoes

Men’s Nike Free 5.0
Original Retail Price $120
SOLD for $60

3) Nice to see you!  

It always helps to know who you are buying off of, or selling to! In your profile you can add a photo and say a few words about yourself or your closet.
Feel free to comment on other peoples items too.

eivey closet page


Photography and lighting are key! For more tips on this please see our photography post. If it looks doesn’t look right, it’s a harder sell. Steaming, daylight, styling and editing are all tools that should be used. If you have specific questions reach out to us [email protected]


There are a couple ways you can share what you are selling

  1. Share your closet link with Friends. Friends love buying from friends! Click onto your “my closet” Copy & Paste your URL and email it to friends or share it on your social accounts.
  2. Use the share button located on your product page. Click to share button gives you two options.
    1. Share you on your feed with your friends.
    2. Share this product on our Eivey Facebook Group Marketplace. This item will then appear on the Facebook marketplace.

Eivey Marketplace

Email us if you have any selling questions [email protected]

Happy Selling!