5 Steps to Photo Perfection

Intimidated by the professional looking photos on Eivey? Don’t be. Here are 5 easy steps to photo perfection that anyone can follow. These steps are assuming you are taking the photos on your phone. We suggest this as it is much easier to post directly from your gallery to Eivey.

1. Prepare the item

Preparing garments to be photographed is a crucial starting point for photographing apparel, don’t rely on editing tools to fix wrinkles.

We recommend to steamed, iron and remove lint.
Prepping product Details
Also be sure you have all the elements, authenticity papers, boxes, packaging etc.
Paul Smith Authentication details

2. Lighting – Daytime

Choosing a bright location is important with as much indirect sunlight as possible. We suggest using daylight as your biggest photography tool.  Items will look true to colour and the photos will be more brilliant.

Chanel Tweed Top OverexposedToo Dark, no sunlight

Chanel Tweed Top OverexposedToo bright, too much direct sunlight

Chanel Tweed Top hanging on White BackgroundPerfect balance of natural lighting

3. Backdrop and Props

Scroll through Eivey to see what inspires you.  We suggest a white background as it is clean and will make the item pop. But if your apparel is white, choose a plain background to photograph it on (hardwood floors, rug, etc)

Silk Blouse on White Background

Put a hanger up on a white wall for apparel to hang from if you don’t have a bust.
If you would like to crop out the background from around your image, use online tools like “Clipping Magic”

MiuMiu Red Clutch styled

When photographing pieces like jewellery, sunglasses, scarves or clutches, think about using props to enhance the styling of the photograph!

4. Types of shots

Front, back and label are the basics + any design details of note.

Michael Kors Dress Details Photos

Beyond those few photos, also photograph the authentication papers, boxes (packaging), soles of shoes to show wear, and of course any wear and tear.

Miu Miu Patent Heels Detail Photos

5. Crop, final edit and post!

Edit your shots by cropping, straightening out the shot, and doing any final exposure (brightness) and colour (saturation) adjustments as necessary. Make sure the colours are true to form.

Michael Kors Dress Phone PhotoCrop and straighten out your photo.

Edit Light on Phone PhotoAdjust lighting with exposure, brightness, shadows and highlights

Edit Colour on Phone PhotoAdjust colours with saturation

You can post from your phones photo gallery directly to Eivey.

Upload photo on Phone Photo

Email us if you have any posting questions [email protected]

Happy Posting!