CLOSET DETOX / / 5 ways it will improve your life

I’m sure you can all empathize with my morning routine of looking at an overloaded closet with nothing to wear. When I do a closet detox, my life feels lighter, more efficient and really well put together.

Here are 5 ways cleaning out your closet can change your life.

1. TAKE YOUR MORNINGS BACK. A closet detox should create a space that is easy to navigate, colour coordinated, and each outfit should live on 1 hanger. Searching for the “black blouse” will no longer be an issue, you will know exactly where everything is.

2. REALIZE WHAT DOESN’T WORK, AND STOP. You keep buying that chartreuse colour, but never actually wear that colour.

Once you have cleaned out your closet look through the “sell” pile, realize what didn’t work and why, and don’t buy similar items again. Was it Colour? Style? Fit?  This will streamline your shopping, and give you confidence that the excitement of the purchase will translate to looking fantastic!

3.REALIZE WHAT DOES WORK and WERK it. Browse through your closet again and take note of why the items look great on you; What dress style is best and enhances your features? Make note of the tailoring, waist length & style. Look through your favourite photos to see what looks best on you. Take your favourite outfits and pair them with the best shoe, stocking, accessory and purse. Now you till know exactly what to wear, and what to buy! Be ruthless during your closet detox, it will be worth it.

4. MAKE MONEY. All those beautiful items that you just don’t wear.  That is cash sitting in your closet! You finally have an option that is exponentially better than consignment shops. Snap a pic and post on Eivey, and start selling your unwanted items to a community of fashion lovers.

5. STAY INSPIRED!  Follow people on Pinterest and Instagram and sellers on Eivey that suit your style. People post great outfits for work, special events or even travel & resort wear. Often they will refresh the way you think about items you have, or remind you of that poncho you have tucked in storage.