Putting the Yummy back into Mummy

Yes I’m a mom, but that doesn’t mean I have ” mommy style “!

Whether you have children or not, it’s pretty much a given that shopping with tots in tow is not only a difficult task to accomplish, but a down right impossible one.

Fast forward to my life.

Three children under the age of 5 and my once sacred weekly shopping trips have been ambushed. That is until Eivey came into my life! Discovering shopping on Eivey was like discovering there was a nipple shield for breastfeeding; life changing!


The Experience

This preloved designer market allows me to shop stress free when I finally do get that much needed down time. A glass of wine in hand, this shopping experience is a different one. Absolutely amazing deals, no meet ups, no line ups, no uncomfortable communication between myself and the sales clerks and best of all no children tugging at my pant legs. Eivey allows me to reintroduce that little bit of glamour I used to have pre children, pre mommy style; designer at an affordable cost, and delivered to my front door.

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The Purchases

My two favourite purchases that took me through the summer months were a chain link boxed Michael Kors purse in blush pink and a pair of gorgeous tortoise coloured Kate Spade sunglasses. They were my go to accessories when rushing to swimming lessons, school pick up and doctors appointments even if they were accompanied by “the mum bun” and a pair of yoga leggings. I still felt an element of glamour that is oh so needed in today’s dreary world (especially with us over worked moms!)


Michael Kors Purse Blush Pink

My special piece

I am anxiously awaiting the holiday season so I can sport my latest Eivey purchase; a black sequin Holt Renfrew tank. And even if this is only worn around the house with a dress up tutu having a kitchen dance party with my three kids; I will still feel an element of glamour and style. And it sure beats those weekly shopping trips with the kids!

October 6, 2017 By Stephanie Duncan

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Our blogger this month is Stephanie, she is a super mom, balancing career with three incredibly well behaved children. They love to tell you about their day and what plans they have coming up. Simply charming. Stephanie and her husband have been curious about Eivey since its launch (they both attended the official launch party, with their darling 2 month old). When Stephanie  offered to write a blog of her shopping experience we were over the moon!

We love you Stephanie & Brett, and appreciate all your love and support!!