Top 5 // Mens Street Style Trends

Summer 2017

Mens Street Style as gone from serious and cool to vibrant and fun, who knew!

Conservative suits still have a time and a place, but not any time or any place. Mens street style is catching up with function; great rainwear, and light weight jackets, suits and blazers.
If function is too basic for you, please help yourself to watches, scarfs, hats & sunglasses.


#1 – R A I N W E A R

Beautiful Trench Coats. Hood or collared paired with a handsome umbrella Rainwear is no longer just function.  

#2 – B O M B E R  J A C K E T S

90’s style is back, and updated. Choose your favourite colour, pattern & fabric. Reversible is always a plus. Danger – also unisex, so they might not stay in your closet for long. Bomber jackets are Mens street style at its best!



#3 – P A N T O N E   2 0 1 7   C O L O U R   O F   T H E   Y E A R :  G R E E N E R Y

Go Green. Such a refreshing colour, yes stunning for interior decor, but has additionally been  frequented on runways. Everything from Army Green to brights.



#4 – D R E S S I N G   U P

The 50’s. Go in style or don’t go out at all.  Cravats, scarves, pocket squares, vests, pocket watches. Accessories for all genders, dive in.


#5 – F L O R A L

We have all noticed how popular plants have become in our interior spaces, everything from the succulent craze to sculptural floor plants. The style now inspires dress shirts, jackets and more. No watering required.



Gaugin Bomber


Trench Coat



Salvatore Ferragamo